Saturday, July 27, 2002


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Monkey:I'm up and I'm dressed..What more do you want? huh? Who cares if my room is clean? I don't care if their's clothes all over my floor! I'll only care when they start turning green!

Mr.Pancamo:(my muse)(from OZ) I care...The room is not clean...

Monkey: Dude I love you but do NOT start with me about my room...Do you want me to ditch you and get a new muse? like Ade-- Adi-- Adebisi? (aka: black guy with funny hat (for Diva) Is that how you spell it?

Mr.Pancamo: Yes it is and you can't have him for a muse....He's kinda dead...

Monkey: I don't like Adebisi anyway...

Mr.Pancamo: Your strange..

Monkey: Well your a latino!

Mr.Pancamo: *evil glare* I am NOt a latino! I'm a (Monkey Note: What's the word????!!! OH no!) kewl guy because monkey is an idiot...

Monkey: Shut up! Did you hear? I sold me soul to Bean for a dollar

Mr.Pancamo: *mocking* "I sold ME soul to Bean for a dollar." You damn newfie!

Monkey: SHUT UP! Insanity knows no bounds!

Mr.Pancamo: *pause* *listening hard* Is that your CD player?

Monkey: Possibley..


Monkey: *shrug* It's only MY cd player..How am I supposed to know what's playing?

Mr.Pancamo: Your are once again strange...

Hoyt: *runs in* Monkey loves tats! *runs out*

Monkey: It's true...I'm love tatoes..*shout after Hoyt* But I love you too!

(far away) Hoyt: Allright!

Monkey: I have to go now...

Mr.Pancamo: She needs to put her face mask on...

Monkey: It's red...*giggle*

Mr.Pancamo: *walking away*

Monkey: Wait! we're not done here yet! Where are you going??

Mr.Pancamo: *over shoulder* To get the camera...

MOnkey: Can you stay long enough for us to finish this??

Mr.Pancamo *slams door* (through door) no..

Monkey: Stupid bit! ok...Here it comes...



Monkey_B (and the absent Mr.Pancamo)

*Night Night*

*Don't let some crazy hobo break in and tie you up and kill and rape you*

(Don't let it be said I don't care about you)


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Time: 4:04 pm

Wearing: blue jeans, red tank, mismatched sox

Listening to: The hum coming from the computer

Watching: The Sea-Monkey on my site swim (go bob go!) (check it out)
He is at the very bottom..
Drinking: My drool

Eating: not a thing



Feeling: The need to pee

Wanting: To go pee

Talking to: Mr.Pancamo (aka: myself or my invisable friend)

About to: Go pee


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Person: Dinobot from Beasties

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*JadeBlue (Deadjournal)

Song: "I've got a theory" By the Buffy Gang

Quote: "Boredom and Insanity have one thing in commmon they are both the birth child of mathamatics"

Website: (I'm AngelWingShortall)

Food: Anakin Dortios (I bought a bag and he was on them *drool*)


Question: Where the hell is everyone??

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Sunday, July 21, 2002

Hey everyone,
I was officaly dumped by Joanna today....great huh? I'm majorally bumming....Several reasons so I'll list them off.
A) Joanna has completely replaced me with Erica who (believe it or not) I somewhat like. Freaky huh? We were supposed to go downtown today but Joanna and Erica wanted to go to the fair thing near us. So we went to that...Or they went to that and I tagged along like a three year old getting yelled at everytime I opened my mouth. First I was too loud for Joanna's liking, then I was too rude, then I was just annoying. Great huh? Now Erica thinks that me and Joanna are just fighting friends. She doesn't even see that in the long run the only reason that we are fighting is that because Joanna is a change friend. She changes to whatever anyonelse wants her to be and be popualr is so very importnt to her. She'll ditch her own best friend just to go hang with someone cooler. IE: She's ditch me to hang with Erica.
B) I saw too many damn fags from my school today to last me the rest of my fucking life. First I saw Mitchell and Andrew, I have nothing against Andrew...But Mitch just rotts me...I've known him WAY too long to even pertend t like him..Even in the least. Because there are too many things that you just can't wipe away. Too many hurt fellings and sensless urges to kill.That jerk has been in my class since the 6th grade. I was so fcking happy when I came to to SP that he wasn't in my class again..So happy I would have done a cartwheel (IF I wasn't so fat and uncoordianted) And then I saw KALLAN...Yup lucky me...The one dude I never wanted to see again for the rest of my damn life. I was like NOOOO! Run away! And then Joanna betrayed me again. She goes "Kalla is really nice" Yeah..I only told you all the shit he pulled with me! Trying to suspend me for joking around with him because he is a fucking wussy woman cock sucking wanna-be.! Yes..They are all gay... They ahve a group called RK2....Ryan Kyle and Kallan...*sigh* I still only live Ryan..What's not too love? He can make a monkey face..I like monkies...
C) Melissa is moving! NOOO! NOO! NOO!! Don't go! Please god don't leave me in NFLD with Melanie! GOD NOOOO!!!!!!!! She's moving with her father far far away from NFLD. She's not coming back.So me and Melanie are having a surprise party for Melissa. (starts dancing) Party! Party! (stops dancing) ok...insanity has stepped in. We are gonna have a surprise party..I like surprise parties...I do I do!
D) SOMEONE STOLE MY DAMN MATH BOOK! Some freak came in to my summer school class during recess adn stole 10 math books two book bags, calqualters, and poor old Sandy's pen. What a bunch of fags...God I hate that school! They don't talk about sex, thier not allowed to smoke, and they steal brand new text books from sweet young things! So now I don't have a math book...God knows I need one. -_-'''
I think that's all I have to bitch about now...
Later Dayz,

Saturday, July 20, 2002

Thursday, July 18, 2002

I realized something today...I don't have any real friends. I have noone...MY so-called best friend ditches me in two seconds for someother girl who is so much cooler then I am...It's really not fair...Everytime I call her she has Erica over or is over at Erica's. And as for our whole friday night ritual that's gone down the drain...She doesn't want me around and more and it's just killing me... and to top it off I find out someone who I liked as a friend noone else likes...What kind of logic is that?? It's confusing because my friend is like really popular and I thought everyone liked her because everyone hung around with her and did stuff with her and ditched me for her...But I found that noone really likes her...They just don't want to ditch her..Well that's great..They won't ditch someone they hate but they Will ditch someone they supposedly do like (me)
Nan and Pop are fighting and I'm just this close to taking a knife and slitting my wrist..I won't do it of course because I've got so much to live for (I'm being sarcastic BTW) After al the Happy Potter movie (second) will be coming out in a few months and who doesn't hate Harry Potter..I won't kill myself just to go to that movie and make nasty remarks about stupid old Potter and his lesbion friends Weasle and Grungy. I like Malfoy though he is mean...I like mean old Malfoy...I hope Voldermort kills Harry...He he he ...What a great movie that would make...
I'm gone nutz about my weight ever since Nan looked at me and told me I was fat...I'm NOT FAT! You weigh more then me and you don't have anything in your stomach (103 surgeries, have taken out almost everything) So now I think I have a problem..Throwing up after every meal...Gross huh? The only reason I'm posting this here is because I don't know anyone on this site... and so none should care... I don't care if anyone responds or comments or even reads it...that will just prove my thearoy of having no friends and there fore having no reason to live...
Joanna (my ex-best friend) is gone off with her percious litte Erica again...Ok...I think I'm hitting the keys to hard....ow..My fingers...I'm here now trying not to curse because I'm so mad... Everyone looks at me and goes "Oh look! Happy little Angela! Let's tell her we're her friend, make her care then stomp her poor little heart into a million little pieces..." Sounds like fun huh?? I can stand with realizing one person is not really my friend but I can't do with all of them coming out! I only had a few close friends (The more stars the more important the person)
All of these people hate me...all of these people used to be really good friends of mine and now they hate me.., but Melissa is all like well I don't hate you...But when you see it all over sites that she hates you (her site) and her her saying it in the background of a phone.... and have people tell you it true... well...
Well you know what I think? I think I don't need anyone! I'll be just fine on my own! SO THERE!